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A story knots

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Hi, I'm Claire, the maker behind NodoKnots.

As a trained Horticulturalist I am a little bit obsessed with plants!  In my garden I ran out of space, and turned to house plant.  But where to put them? What began as a casual experiment to create some plant hangers for my plant collection quickly developed into a Macramé addiction!

Working from my home studio in beautiful Bangor, Co Down I I started creating bespoke custom pieces for sale.  I saw huge interest learning how to make macramé, and with a background as a qualified teacher I began delivering workshops.

The sustainability of my pieces and kits is really important to me.  I try to use reclaimed and recycled materials, and try to limit plastic use.  All my packaging is compostable.

I hope you find something you love on this website, whether its a buying a ready made piece or a kit to try at home, booking a workshop, watching a tutorial or just getting ideas!

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