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Christmas workshops

make your own beautiful macramé decorations

Join me on Sun 10th December for my only Christmas Macramé workshop at Boom Studios




Looking for a hand made gift, or a unique statement piece for your home? 

Check out my collections of wall hangings, plant hangers and other beautiful hand made macramé


make your own macrame

Always wanted to try macramé, but aren't sure where to start?

My DIY kits are the perfect solution, containing all the materials you need and beautifully illustrated instructions to guide you through the process!



bobbiny cord and rope

This is my absolute favourite cord.


It is made from recycled cotton, it isnt re-dyed, and doesn't use any addition water in its manufacture, so is a great choice if you are thinking about the environmental impact of the materials you are using. 


It's also super soft, so kind to your hands when working with it, and comes in a range of lovely colours!


ABOUT Nodoknots

In use.jpg

Nodo began as a hobby, making macramé pieces for myself and for friends, but has grown into a small business, running workshops and selling hand made pieces.


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